2383 2384 2385 2386 2387 2388 2389

(stardates 63000-63999)

2350s 2360s 2370s 2380s 2390s 2400s 2410s
23rd century - 24th century



SD 63017.14 An armada of 45 Malon ships attack Deep Space 10. The armada consist of captains that have lost profit due to the Federation's interference in their waste management businesses. Two ships contain deadly Thalaron radiation as well as Trilithium plasma. They are destroyed after striking a defensive minefield. The resulting shockwave from their destruction damages the station, as well as New Talaxia. The Federation forces fought outnumbered, and outgunned, for four hours nearly depleting their arms. The attack is defeated after Captain Vanessa Ann Lucifel rams the evacuatedUSS Expedition into the lead ships, destroyed several vessels. With significant losses the Malon attack force retreats.


November 4: USS Federation (NCC-73838) is commissioned. Admiral Vanessa Lucifel is given command. (Star Trek Crusader)



Assignments and promotionsEdit

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