Ensign Mikita Sidania
Species: Archan
Type: Humanoid
Quadrant: [Alpha Quadrant]]
First Contact: 2310

Archans (Pronouced Ark-an) are a multiple-limb humanoid life form that inhabits the planet of Gallos in the Alpha Quadrant. First contact occurred in 2310 by the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-B).

History Edit

Their species were warp capable due to earlier contact with the Breen that had come to their planet to mine Topaline in 2178. The Breen were looked upon as slavers, forcing the technology weakened Archans to provide labor and materials for their refrigeration units. It wasn't until 2292 a global revolution would force the Breen to leave Gallos. The revolution left much of the Breen technology in their hands, and the Archans who were very intelligent and mechanically dexterous used the technology to rebuild their world and build defenses from other invading species. The Breen incident left the planet xenophobic as the first contact was a bit hazardous with many trust issues that impeded their acceptance. It wasn't until 2344 that they formerly were recognized by the United Federation of Planets, and 2362 became a member.

Homeworld Edit

Gallos is a Class M world with moderate to very temperament zones. The planet only has 32% surface water, which of the 4 continents are mostly rocky and arid deserts. The mean temperature of the planet is 84 degrees Fahrenheit, and they have 2 moons. Their gravity is 1.23 G's yet their development gives them lighter density bones to cope with the heavier gravity.

Physiology Edit

Archans have 6 Arms and are slightly stronger than humans. Average height 5'9" for males, 5'2" for females. Their skin is much tougher than humans as they have no sweat glands their body retains water and uses it productively. Archans can survive for weeks with no water, yet prefer humid conditions. Since they have no sweat glands Archans pant to reduce their body temperatures.

Notable Archans Edit