Eric Francis Kramer
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Born: 23 April 2365
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Height: 1.85 m
Weight: 83.9 kg
Affiliation: Starfleet
Assignment(s): Operations manager
Stationed: Starbase 140
Occupation: Starfleet Officer
Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Insignia: 2373 - LCDR (Operations)
Mother: Clara Kramer (deceased)
Father: Marshall Kramer (deceased)

Eric Kramer is a former Section 31 operative, and Operations manager of Starbase 140. He is the last survivor of his family that were killed in the Raid on San Francisco in 2375

History Edit

Born at Claremore Oklahoma, Earth in 2365. His parents were 4th Generation Farmers. In 2324 his family developed a strain of Quadrotriticale that is hearty enough to grow on almost any Class M planet. The would become wealthy, but his parents were traditionalist, and raised him on the farm. He had a high curiosity level, and was a natural problem solver. His interest were in space. against hi father wishes, in 2371 he applied to Starfleet Academy.

Family RiftEdit

Eric curiosity, and problem solving skills, caught the eye of Starfleet Intelligence. Over the next 3 years, he would continue studies year round, with nary a word from home, except his mother. In 2375 when he graduated, his parents came to the ceremony, and his father was proud of him making Starfleet Academy Valedictorian. The day was marred when the Breen attacked in the Raid on San Francisco. His parent died when the facade of the Academy plummeted on them. Fueled by anger he wished to serve on a starship, but instead he became an operative for Section 31

Starship SalvagingEdit

By 2376 he was on his first mission to investigate Starship salvage thefts from the Dominion War. On the New Sydney colony. He broke up a ring that saw the sale of arms to a Romulan smuggler Juraan. In 2377, he survived an assassination attempt by R'ipak on Farius Prime. It was then decided that he be removed from Section 31.

Returning to StarfleetEdit


Eric Kramer Clone.

He would return to Starfleet as an Chief of Operations on the USS Noble. He would remain there until his transfer to Starbase 140 in 2386. But along the way via Runabout he was abducted, and replaced by a clone. For the next 2 years, Eric is probed, and experimented, as his genetic blueprint becomes the main control genetics to the Zentradi clones. Meanwhile, his clone has been feeding all fleet movements to Juraan thus insuring the Orion Syndicate virtual free reign in the Cestus Sector. In 2388, he is united with Captain Candela Greene as a prisoner as well. They were scheduled to be stranded on Ceti Alpha V, by the hands of syndicate boss Hatcher. Fortunately, Teshurr had infiltrated the Orion Syndicate, and was on board the same ship. The three were rescued by the USS Federation (NCC-73838), as the pirate transport burned up at Ceti Alpha V. In 2389 he resumed his last post on Starbase 140.

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