Name: Excalibur-103
Affiliation: Federation
Type: attack fighter
Flight crew: 2
Length: 11.09 m
Armaments: 4x phaser cannons
2x torpedo lancers
Defenses: Deflector shields
Ablative shielding
Shadow Side

The Excalibur-103 (the foundation for the Shadow-class fighter/attack craft) was a fast attack craft with high maneuverability. Its unique shape also made it perfect to elude sensors without use of a cloaking device.

The Excalibur-103 was created for the penetrate deep into occupied areas without detection. It carried an arsenal to create effective destruction. Overall it was smaller then the Peregrine-class, yet carried a far more advanced arsenal.

Its cruising speed was Warp 4, but it could accelerate to Warp 9 and hold that speed for six hours. This gave the Excalibur-103' a larger range then the typical Peregrine-class craft.

USS Expedition officers Commander Vanessa Ann Lucifel and Lieutenant Commander Ashley Morgan built and designed the Excalibur-103 in 2376.

By 2384, Starfleet had adopted the Shadow at most starbases and colony installations. (Star Trek Crusader)

Appearance Edit

Star Trek Crusader: Of Friends, or Foes