Khan Alante
Actor: Ricardo Montalban
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Born: Mid 22nd Century
Died: 2389
Assignment(s): King
Spouse(s): Prion Hebron (deceased)
Children: Joshua Alante

Khan Alante was an augmented Human clone of Khan Noonien Singh. His embryo stored on Cold Station 12, was stolen along with 89 others by Orions.

History Edit

Mid 22nd Century Edit

Regenerated in 2144, Khans along with his fellow augments were given growth enhancement treatments to reach maturity. By 2154, the Orions had accepted them as fellow smugglers, and soldiers, carrying out a wave of piracy. Upon start of the Earth-Romulan war, the Orions began smuggling information, and weapons to the Romulans. In 2157, the Earth fleet would find the Orion colony where the Augments were inhabiting, and destroy all life on the surface. Khan and 3 others, one of which was Maximilian. Using the SS Chrysler, they made their way to the farthest reches of the Beta Quadrant until they were trapped in the Delta Triangle.

The USS Eagle Edit

The Chrysler, trapped in a time anomaly, chanced on other vessels as well. Amongst them was the Constitution class USS Eagle. Her crew had long since perished, he used the enhanced technology to refit the Chrysler, and caught up of Federation history, as well as his own. With the Chysler refitted, they would escape the Delta Triangle, but cradh on Zargus III in the year 2370.

The 24th Century Edit


The IKV Cordova (CV-1)

Only believing 2 years have past, and from what history was recovered, Khan believed he was in the 23rd Century. Zargus was in it's mid 20th Century. Posing as Zargusians, they created a tale how the Federation was plotting to take their planet, and lives away from them. Using this fear tactic, he would rise in power, and unite the planet to arm itself from the Federation. In 2371, Khan fathered his son Joshua Alante. He never married his mother Prion Hebron, who was later murdered by Maximilian on Khan's orders. It wasn't until Joshua overheard this that he turned from his father. In 2389 the USS Striker (NCC-63420), was sent to survey the planet, and was attacked. Khan would later capture Jennifer Morgan, Jack Marone, and Angelica Leech, in hopes to capturing the Striker. Joshua would turn on his father, and help them escape. Realizing that he can't let the Striker return with this information, Khan took the IKV Cordova (CV-1) into battle. The Striker, with far superior weapons, and maneuverability destroyed the Cordova, and Khan perished as well.

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