M'Pel Head
Species: Vulcan
Gender: Female
Born: June 13, 2323
Hair: Jet Black, Blue Highlights
Eyes: Dark Brown
Height: 1.65 m
Weight: 49.9 kg
Affiliation: Starfleet
Assignment(s): Science Officer
Stationed: USS Federation (NCC-73838)
Occupation: Starfleet officer
Rank: Lieutenant
Insignia: 2373 - LT (Sciences)
Mother: G'Tol
Father: Burek
Siblings: Keslik

M'Pel is the Chief Science Officer on the USS Federation (NCC-73838). She has served in Starfleet recently.

History Edit

Birth Edit

M'Pel was born on the Vulcan colony of Gurelse, a moon in orbit of Horold IV. The period prior to her birth, the sun was in a heighten phase of solar flare activity. Horold IV's magnetic field was in a period of weakness that cause some solar radiation to bombard the colony. It was after a 7 month period that the inhabitants were treated for radiation poisoning, but M'Pel was conceived during this period. She was born Hermaphrodite.

Vulcans without Logic Edit

Despite this abnormality, she was deemed healthy. Her family being openly aware of their emotions, while raising her under the teachings of Surak. In 2329, the colony was deemed unsafe, and they moved to the colony on Mapsass III. It was there that M'Pel interest in sciences, and space travel were honed. It was also over the next 15 years she would embrace the teachings of Surak, even attaining the Kolinahr.

Life Before Starfleet Edit

By 2346 she finally realized her zeal for space travel when she took an extended cruises throughout the Alpha , and Beta Quadrant's. She took this time to explore other cultures, most chiefly Human culture. In 2350 she entered the Vulcan Science Academy where she would exceed in her learning, and understanding. In 2352 she rejected the advances from a classmate S'yban, for which she said had no interest to mate with.

Starfleet, and Beyond Edit

It wasn't until 2379 that she enrolled in Starfleet Academy, in which she excelled in most categories. She would post on the USS Aurora (NCC-72414) in 2383, and transfer to the USS Victoria (NCC-51106) in 2386. In 2389, Admiral Vanessa Ann Lucifel would request her to serve on the USS Federation (NCC-73838)

Service Jacket Edit

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