Maximilian (clone Malik)
Actor: Alec Newman
Species: Human
Born: Mid 22nd Century

Maximilian was an augment clone of Malik. He also was Khan Alante's military leasder, and personal assassin.

History Edit

Maximilian, was one of 90 augmented embryos stolen by Orions from Cold Station 12 in 2144. There growth accelerated, by the the mid 2150's, they had become mercenaries, and smugglers. In 2157, he was among the last to survive with Khan on the SS Chrysler. They would become trapped in the Delta Triangle, and use parts from the Constitution class USS Eagle to refit their ship to escape. In 2370 Using the information gathered from the Eagle, they crashed on Zargus III and posed as {{Zargusian]]s. They would easily take over Zargusian government, and rule the planet under dictatorship, and censor. In the late 2370's, Khan Alante


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