Nebula class
Type: Explorer/Heavy cruiser
Length: 442.23 m
Beam: 318.11 m
Draft: 130.43 m
Max. speed: warp 9.9
Armaments: 8 x Type X phaser arrays, total output 50,000 TeraWatts

3 x Type 3 burst fire photon torpedo tube 4 x Standard photon torpedo tube with 220 rounds

Defenses: Standard shield system, total capacity 2,565,000 TeraJoules

Standard Duranium/Tritanium Double hull plus 9 cm High density armour. Standard level Structural Integrity Field

Crew: 780
USS Nebula

The Nebula-class was a type of Federation starship that was in service in Starfleet during the latter half of the 24th century.

Background Edit


The USS Sutherland (BCC-72015) is a second phase Nebula class vessel.

The Nebula class was fielded in the 2350's to provide a smaller, more numerous counterpart to the Galaxy class then under construction. The design was intended to parallel that of the Galaxy class as closely as possible in order to allow for many identical systems to be installed in both classes, this has resulted in significant improvements in the design and construction processes for the Nebula class and thus allowed comparatively high numbers to be fielded. Compared to the Galaxy class the Nebula has a more compact shape - the engineering hull is mounted directly to the underside of the saucer section, a measure which saves some 200 meters in length. The major difference in capability is the addition of a prominent housing aft of the saucer section of the Nebula class. This enables the vessel to carry any one of a variety of special equipment pods - current models include a high capacity sensor pod, an enhanced weapons pod, a colony transport pod, an emergency field hospital unit, or a science laboratory pod. Although the basic Nebula design has approximately 80% of the capability of a Galaxy class vessel in most areas, the addition of the mission pod brings that figure up to 95% or more in that specific area. This flexibility actually allows the Nebula design to accomplish almost identical missions despite its smaller size. In service the Nebula class has proved highly satisfactory, and in many ways these ships form the backbone of Starfleets exploratory and scientific program. Like the Galaxy class they have received regular upgrades to their systems, most notably a new Warp Core design. With the advent of the threats from the Romulan, Dominion and Borg, Starfleet invested in sixty seven new enhanced weapon pods for the Nebula class, most of the vessels now carry this as a standard item. The pod carries eight standard torpedo tubes and a stock of 300 casings, approximately doubling the ships overall rate of fire.

Improvements Edit

As part of Starfleets war effort many of its ships have been upgraded to increase their combat capabilities. The uprated Nebula design has a maximum warp speed of Warp 9.95 and incorporates improvements to the weapons and targeting systems, a high level structural integrity field, and various other classified changes. All Nebulas now being produced are of the uprated model, and all of these are launched with the enhanced weapons pod as standard.

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Daystrom Institute Technical Library

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