Ptolemy class
USS Ptolemy
Type: Tug
Length: 222 m m
Beam: 127.1 m m
Draft: 66 m m
Max. speed: warp 6 for 2 hours
Armaments: 4 x Type VI phaser bank.
Defenses: Standard shield system.

Standard Monotanium Single hull. Standard level Structural Integrity Field

Crew: 220
Ptolemy class

The Ptolemy-class was a type of Federation transport/tug utilized by Starfleet during the latter half of the 23rd century.

Background Edit

The Ptolemy class tugs are based on the standard Starfleet hull components of the time, but replaced the engineering hull of the Constitution class with a connector at the base of the connecting neck. This could accept a variety of large pods for hauling cargo, passengers, or other stores.

The ships proved invaluable in service, and continued to ply the spacelanes of the Federation for decades. By 2307 they were beginning to reach the end of their operational lives, and Starfleet began to retire them in this year. The last ships were due to retire in 2315, but Starfleet retained six of these ships for a further few years in order to provide a stopgap due to delays in their replacements. The last of the Ptolemy class vessels was retired in 2321.

USS Ptolemy Edit

The class ship USS Ptolemy (NCC-3801) was presumed lost in 2269 in the Delta Triangle. It was found in 2389 by the USS Crusader (NCC-51492). Her crew abducted by a Zentradi cruiser also trapped in the anomaly, that used there DNA for it's Protoculture.

Sources Edit

Notable ships Edit

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