Romulan Star Empire
1024 romulan empire - 2378 - 3
Gov Head Praetor
Legislation Romulan Senate
Major Species Romulans, Remans
Military Org Romulan Guard
Intelligence Tal'Shiar

The Romulan Star Empire (or simply, Romulan Empire) was a major galactic Beta Quadrant power from the 22nd through 24th century, encompassing the Romulan people and their subject worlds and species. The Empire was known for its xenophobic character and policies of extreme secrecy and territorial protectionism.

Current History Edit

After the Reman Uprising in 2379, the Romulans, with assistance from the Federation began to rebuild. A power struggle would begin in 2383 as the Tal Shiar tried to gain power in the senate. A number of incidents of finding Federation weapons would back fire for them, as they were traced to Juraan and the Orion Syndicte. In 2384, in a meaure to stem the smuggling trade in the empire, they allowed for Romulan ale to be freely traded in the Federation. Later it was discovered that Juraan smuggled the Thalaron Devive for the Remans. He was executed for crimes against the state in 2385. In 2386 a trade agreement was brokered with the Gorn Hegemony to the Cestus sector.

In 2387 a massive supernova of the Hobus star, destroyed Romulus killing billions. Ambassador Spock, using the Jellyfish vulcan craft created a massive black hole that would swallow the stars supernova, and save the remainder of the Romulan Star Empire. Star Trek: Countdown

In 2389, Commander S'anra Anmie was placed at Starbase 140 as the Romulan Ambassador.

Sources Edit

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