Starbase 140
Affiliation: Federation
Class: Spacedock
14TH fllet CrestW

Starbase 140 is the base for the 14th fleet. It also houses the best Medical facility in the Beta Quadrant. Admiral Maxwell Gunn is the Administrative commander of the Starbase. Captain Stephanie Morgan is the Commanding Officer of the Space dock, and all ship movement in the system.

History Edit

Starbase 140 was originally constructed in 2350, as a Docking facility. Most trade at this time went through to Bellatrix. It was Commanded by Captain Fernando Wood from 2350-2368. With increasing incidents of the Borg possibly attacking, and the fleet in need of new Generation Starships, it was decided to build a Yard in orbit of Cestus IV. Commodore Rafael Munoz took command of the facility in 2368. New ship construction was slow, yet many older ships were brought in to be placed back in service due to the losses at the Battle of Wolf 359. By 2374, the Yards were at full capacity, and the Starbase was ill prepared for the influx of freighters that were coming in. With the war ending, a steady influx of ships kept coming into the Cestus sector. It was determined that a security risk exist without the addition of a closed off Space Dock. In 2376, a contract was given to build a new Space Dock further away from Cestus III, so it could close the distance with Cestus IV. In 2377, the news of a Space Port in the Ventax System was also in construction, Starfleet knew it must also house a fleet of ships in the Cestus Sector. 2381, Starbase 140 is transferred to the Space dock facility. Admiral Kim Hartman assumes command. In 2386, Commodore Maxwell Gunn assumed command of Starbase 140, and the 14th Fleet was assigned the Cestus Sector. He immediately went to work expanding the Medical unit of the Starbase. In 2867, an explosive shockwave destroyed several decks of the Starbase, as well Heavily damaged the Shipyard. The Starbase was quick to rebuild, and set up Cestus Yards orbiting Cestus III. In 2389, Dilithium was discovered on Cestus IV, turning the region into a Boom Town, and Starbase 140 as a major Trade Post.

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