USS Aurora
Space Dock
Ship Name: USS Aurora
Registry: NCC-72414
Affiliation: Federation
Type: Science
Class: Nova Class
Status: Active

The USS Aurora is one of the original 16 Nova class vessels built. It has been heavily modified to carry out multi-year missions, as well as classified as a Deep space explorer.

History Edit

In 2373 the Aurora was used as a covert spy ship along the Breen border. In 2378 it recieved it's first major overhaul which boosted it speed, and range. In 2388 she came into Spacedock at Starbase 140 for a complete refit to extend it's missions to 5 years. Captain Frank Ryan was placed in command in 2389, replacing acting Captain Angela D'Amico.

Command Crew Edit

Notable Crewmembers Edit

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