USS Columbia
Ship Name: USS Columbia
Registry: 74002
Affiliation: Federation
Type: Explorer
Class: Sovereign
Status: Active

The USS Columbia is the latest built Sovereign class Starship in the 24th century. It encompasses all the technical advances that have been made since the previous run of the class.

Background Edit


The Dedication plaque

After the Shockwave incident of 2387, Starfleet was determined on preventing Zentradi technology from overwhelming the defensive systems of thier startships. It was believed that Ablative shielding was the answwer, but a new system of Auto-rotational frequency shielding was they answer. This as well as the same modification on the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-E) resulted in a more durable hull to stand up to the Zentradi. Under the direction of Rear Admiral Deragon Lucifel, the first ship to incorporate these changes was assigned to the USS Columbia.

History Edit

Shortly after commissioning, the Columbia suffer a warp core failure that forced it back into Drydock.

Crew Edit

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