USS Constitution
Ship Name: USS Constitution
Registry: NCC-59700
Affiliation: Federation
Type: Long range tactical cruiser
Class: Prometheus
Status: Active

The USS Constitution (NCC-59700) was a Prometheus-class built at the Cestus Shipyards and launched in 2375. In 2389, Vice Admiral Ashley Morgan took command of her.

History Edit


The Constitution meets up with Klingon, and Federation forces in Archanis.

In 2389 Vice Admiral Ashley Morgan was given command of the Constitution. Her first mission was to ferry Commodore Bruce Maddox to Starbase 718. They were diverted to the planet Mudd, where the Commodore was to face charges of Technology theft, and cybernetic assault. It was revealed en route, the real perpetrator of the crime was Harcourt Mudd whom return to Mudd, and had a full cybernetic conversion. His hopes was to leave unannounced by obtaining the neural net of Bruce Maddox creation Rayna Maddox. The Constitution would later be in charge of a Klingon/Federation armada to liberate Archanis IV from Reman, and Tholian forces in the Battle of Archanis. The Klingons requesting aid from the Federation in retrieving a weapon that could aid in the war effort, and small fleet, and the USS Sutherland (NCC-72015) joined in a joint operation to retrieve or destroy the weapon. The away team met fierce opposition as Commander Dorian Vatto, and Lieutenant Pormea-204 were injured. The Constitution fell under attack in orbit starnding Lieutenant Commander Solina Mileke, and Lieutenant Karlassa on the planet with the remaining Klingon Forces. With help from K'lon they were able to find the second prototype Klingon Bird of Prey of General Chang that could fire weapons under cloak. The ship was later lost in Battle, and all data pertinent to the prototype was destroyed.

Command Crew Edit

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