USS Cosair
Ship Name: USS Cosair
Registry: NCC-52705
Affiliation: [[Federation]]
Type: [[Heavy Frigate]]
Class: [[Steamrunner class class|Steamrunner class]]
Status: Active

The USS Cosair is a Steamrunner class starships that is part of the 14th fleet. It is commanded by Captain Masayuki Yurigumo.

History Edit

In 2389 they met the USS Crusader (NCC-51492), and captured an Orion Syndicate transport filled with weapons, and Protoculture. Later that year, they transfered crewmembers and Commodore Bruce Maddox to the USS Constitution (NCC-59700). The Cosair would suffer heavy damage during an sneak attack at the Cestus system during the Battle of Archanis.