Vigilant class
Vigilant Side
Type: Fast Frigate
Length: 66.93 m
Beam: 59.3 m
Draft: 20.7 m
Max. speed: warp 9.5
Armaments: 2 pulse phaser cannons
1 Rear Phaser array
3 Forward Quantum Torpedo Tubes
2 Aft Quantum Torpedo Tubes
Defenses: Deflector shields

Ablative armor

Crew: 12

Designed as an fast attack craft, The Vigilant is designed as a high powered firing platform. Designed by Admiral Vanessa Ann Lucifel for supporting systems that are too distant for frigate or destroyer support. Due to the limited size of the Vigilant, it's range limited to 500 Light Years before Refueling Being specifically designed for battle, it was decided that the Vigilant class would not go into construction unless it is deemed necessary.

Battle Tested Edit

During the Dominion War, 300 Vigilant class starships were constructed, forming up 25 Squadrons, with 26 ships held in reserve. The Vigilant class of ship suffered heavy losses at first, but by 2375 the Vigilant proved to be a valuable tool of combat.

Surviving Ships Edit

  • USS Argonaut (NCC-72392)-Trainer
  • USS Nautilus (NCC-72394)-Reserve
  • USS Triton (NCC-72427)-Trainer
  • USS Trigger (NCC-72463)-Trainer
  • USS Wahoo (NCC-72464)-Reserve
  • USS Flasher (NCC-72475)-Reserve
  • USS Muskallunge (NCC-72488)-Reserve
  • USS Scorpion (NCC-72504)-Retired to museum duty, noted for having survived 14 battles.

Improvements Edit

The Vigilant Class was considered a failure by sheer numbers lost, and the Federation opted for the more efficient Danube class Runabouts to take its place. Three ships remain in service as Trainers, with four in reserve storage, in hope that better defenses can be developed as well as a more strategic planning for their deployment.

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