Vulcans (also known as "Vulcanians") are a Humanoid species known for their devotion to logic, and stoic natures. Native to the planet Vulcan, they were also a founding member of the United Federation of Planets in 2161.



S'helar is a typical Vulcan female.

Vulcans are externally similar to Humans, the chief exceptions being the Vulcans' notably arched and upswept eyebrows and distinguished external ear structure, the top of which tapers into a clearly defined point. Most Vulcans have straight, glossy dark brown or, more commonly, black hair and pale skin with a very subtle greenish tinge, much as the skin of Humans of European descent has a very subtle reddish or pinkish tinge. The greenish tinge is because of their copper based blood, as oppose to Humans Iron based blood. However, some Vulcans, have brown skin, tightly coiled black hair, and physiognomic features similar to those found in Humans of African descent. Others share physiognomic features similar to those found in Humans of East Asian descent. However, most Vulcans have a vaguely Eurasian appearance.(Star Trek: The Original Series; Star Trek III: The Search for Spock; Star Trek: Voyager)

Refrences & Additional Information Edit

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