Wrigley IV
Wrigley IV
Star system: Wrigley
Class: M
Surface: Moderate

Wrigley IV, more commonly known as Wrigley's Pleasure Planet is in the Beta Quadrant. It is well known known for its promotion of hedonistic pursuits. In 2267, Crewman Darnell compared Nancy Crater to a girl he met on Wrigley's Planet, before being rebuked by Doctor Leonard McCoy. (TOS: "The Man Trap")

In 2389, Lieutenant Commander Eric Kramer, Lieutenant Melina 128, and Lieutenant Junior Grade Yvette Mintos were there for a short shoreleave, when Orion Syndicate operatives Aleeza, and Fajah would trie to steal valuable data from their shuttle the Orion Avatar. With help from K'Taria, they would foild their attempt. {Star Trek Crusader: Wrigley's Pleasure Planet


Star Trek Crusader: Wrigley's Pleasure Planet