Zargusians are a Humanoid species that live of Zargusa (Commonly known as Zargus IV) in the Beta Quadrant. Human in appearance, they share common physiology, and culture. Zargusians, are highly adaptable, and are considered to be in their mid 20th century.

History Edit

In 2369, a DY-500 class transport crashed on Zargusa with fan fare. It is believed that knowledge of Starfleet had contaminated their society. Although, no bodies were recovered, it is believed several Human Augments had survived, and had weeded their way into the planets political system. As wars raged fromthe mid 2370's to the early 2380's, one man would unite the planet. Using the name Khan Alante, he is the identical clobe of Khan Noonien Singh. It was later found out that a theft of the 90 augment embryos from Coldstation 12, and the SS Chrysler in 3144, may have been the reason for his appearance on Zagusa. As of 2389 the Zagusians are considered enemies of Starfleet, as their intentions to exact revenge has been made apparent when they hostily attacked the USS Striker (NCC-63420).

This storyline is currently still being written.